10 de octubre de 2011

Programmer's Tools (Part III)

Some new utilities I've discovered since the last time.
  • HxD: A really fast hexadecimal file viewer and disk editor. Here is the homepage http://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/. If you need to load very large files and other editors will fail.
  • Cygwin: The homepage of the project http://www.cygwin.com/ states that cygwin is... “A collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel environment for Windows”. If you came from a Linux environment this is a must.
  • ImDisk: Small utility that let you mount an image disk as a virtual drive, create arbitrary size ramdisks. The page also contains other utilities http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/#ImDisk (and it also is open source). I use as a ramdisk drive for compiler's temporary files.
  • Xming: An excelent X Windows Server for windows. You can configure it to work together with PuTTY and use your windows workstation to display an application running under linux.
  • Bullzip: A very nice printer driver for windows that generate a PDF file with your printing, it uses Ghostscript to generate the PDF file.